How do I disable Outlook and Gmail Conversation View


One of the first things I normally suggest when I am onboarding a new user is to disable ‘Conversation View’ in their email client.


What is ‘Conversation View’?


Many email programs, including Outlook, Outlook online, and Gmail, default to ‘Conversation View.’  This feature automatically organises your emails into threads based on the same subject, rather than presenting them in chronological order.


While this arrangement can make your inbox appear neater, some users, particularly those accustomed to viewing emails chronologically, may find it challenging to locate specific messages.


Although both Outlook and Gmail offer robust search functionalities, sometimes it’s more convenient to simply scroll through your emails.



How do I disable it?



Outlook online


1: Click the Settings icon on the top right


2: Select Email > Layout > Message Organisation


3: Change setting to ‘Show email as individual messages’


4: Click Save



Outlook (desktop app)


1: Click the View tab at top of screen


2: Check the box that says Show as Conversations


3: Select either this folder or All mailboxes if you have multiple mailboxes connect






1: Click the Settings Cog



2: Scroll to the bottom of the list and check the Conversation view box

3: Click Reload