What is the formula A-(C*I)=U ?


The core pillars of any support are to ensure the ‘C‘- Confidentiality and ‘I‘- Integrity of your data whilst maintaining the ‘A’- Availability of your data to those people that should access it, giving you a ‘U‘- Usable system. As you can see from the colours shown the more Usable and Available your data is, often the more vulnerable it is.


Our Mission is to give you a usable system that provides you with the appropriate level of technical and procedural controls to keep your data safe.



Below we breakdown the key components of our offer: –

So what makes us different?

We do, all our staff are professional and approachable. We want to provide the best possible service, ensuring our solutions enable your IT systems to solve your business challenges. If we don’t feel that our solutions will be the right fit for you, we will be the first to tell you.

Vulnerability Assessments

As part of our Managed Service we provide an initial assessment of your current systems, including any existing Microsoft Cloud Business accounts.

Our reports provide you with actionable information about the state of your systems.

We also do a Dark Web review to identify any potential breaches in your password security.

IT Consultancy

It is our firm belief that IT should not simply be a necessary cost of doing business.


Your IT systems should add value to your business through increasing efficiency.


Our team work with you to identify possible improvements and support you in adopting them. 

People working on laptops

Training & Awerness

Our regular training of your staff ensures you get the most out of your IT investment and lets face it, we as humans are the weakest link when it comes to Cyber Security.


That is where our security awareness training eLearning course comes in. We train your staff on the latest security threats so they are prepared for dealing with the most common cyber threats and scams.


We also provide training on Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, including any new system features.

Security (inc. Cyber)

Keeping you safe is our number 1 priority, with our Security solutions providing layered defense-in-depth against both mistakes and malicious attacks.

Key aspects of our Security solutions include: –

  • Policy review and development
  • Password management
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Phishing Simulations
  • Email Protection, including
    • Spam filter
    • Phishing filter
    • Link tracking
    • Email encryption
    • Central Signatures and disclaimers
    • Advanced threat protection
  • Hardening of Microsoft 365
  • Backup of Microsoft 365
  • Dark Web monitoring

Remote Support (RMM)

Our Remote Monitoring & Management System (RMM), provides you with peace of mind as we can support wherever you are and often find and correct issues before you know they are there.


As part of our service, we believe in ensuring the safety of your data, so we include backup of each protected users Microsoft 365 Data (this includes, OneDrive, Exchange email, Sharepoint & Teams.


For Google Workspace we offer the first 50GB per user included within our price, we then charge per Gb after that.



If you have pyhsical servers or other requirements have a look at our seperate backup section.

Email signatures

They seem easy, but as you grow do you know if everyone is using a standardised business signature when they are using their mobile / tablet / laptop.


Our solution provides centralised control of signatures, ensuring your branding is consistent and compliant.